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Bondage Punishment

Bondage Punishment  1

18.8 meg 5.1 minutes $3.99 420 X 320

     Veronica Lure starts things off. Barefoot, ankles bound together, knees bound together, with wrists bound and winched high above. Gag is a deep set ball. Her wiggling and struggling to free herself is priceless.


Bondage Punishment  2

18.9 meg 5.1 minutes $3.99 420 X 320

Agony galore as we take Veronica to her limits with this super restrictive Strappedo. Bound ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists. We also add a crotch rope that tightens as she struggles. A 3 inch wooded post leather gag shuts her trap but allows her moans to excape.


Bondage Punishment  3

18.4 meg 6 minutes $4.99 420 X 320

In this segment Veronica gets yards and yards of hemp rope installed all over her body. With wrists and elbows bound together and then to her body Veronica only has helplessness to think about as she deals with her red strap ballgag. With ankles crossed and attached to her breast harness this clip will make your hot list for sure.

Bondage Punishment  4

16.3 meg 4.2 minutes $3.99 420 X 320

   Hogtied and ballgagged, Veronica wiggles and moans to our delight in this 4 minute bondage nightmare.


Bondage Punishment  5

19.3 meg 5 minutes $3.99 420 X 320

Xana Star gets shoe-horned into our famous leather body harness. Stripped to her panties and sexy high heels, the Black Leather creates an awesome contrast again her fair skin. What would our body harness be without the leather harness ballgag. We add the nipple clamps to get Xana moving those awesome tits. Watch as she wiggles them in a stupid attempt to make the clamps come off.


Bondage Punishment  6

17.8 meg 4.4 minutes $3.99 420 X 320

Hogtied and ballgagged Xana's big toes are also bound together. It was this toe tie that most annoyed poor Xana....



Bondage Punishment  7

18.3 meg 5 minutes $3.99 420 X 320

Dripping in agony Xana is forced to kneel as her elbows are winched up . Her nipples are still clamped and the ballgag is the gag of choice when it comes to silencing this bitch. Xana is left in panties and stockings and her ankles are tightly bound together.



Bondage Punishment  8

27.1 meg 7 minutes $4.99 420 X 320

More leather greets Xana Star. Left in bra, panties and stockings Xana struggles against the unyielding security of thick, stiff leather. Finishing her off is a thick, stiff leather gag and nipple clamps.. This is a leather lovers dream.



Bondage Punishment  9

13 meg 3.3 minutes $2.99 420 X 320

Lisa is besides herself as she is totally and completely helpless. With ankles bound and attached to her waist and a deep-set ballgag to keep her busy, Lisa's moans will tell you a story you won't want to miss..



Bondage Punishment  10

18.2 meg 4.5 minutes $3.99 420 X 320

Left barefoot Lisa has a tough time dealing with our bondage post. With her ankles bound to the chair legs and her wrists winched up behind her the agony would creep into her body in mere minutes. This is good for you as you get to watch Lisa squirm and wiggle for the slightest comfort. None was to be found and her moans should convince you of this.



Bondage Punishment  11

20.6 meg 5.38 minutes $4.99 420 X 320

There is no question that Lisa has great legs. This is a leg lovers dream clip. We concentrate on the lovely Lisa's legs as we leave her in her pump high heels. Cross ankle bound and bound at her knees this clip will find you staring at this poor things legs as Lisa moans and squirms for comfort. A nasty, bad tasting, hard black ballgag reminds Lisa who has control...



Bondage Punishment  12

12.5 meg 3.3 minutes $2.99 420 X 320

Made to kneel on a hard wooded platform Mallory Knots is in big trouble. From the second this clip starts, Mallory is fully aware of just how helpless she really is.



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