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    Don't want to wait for the mailman? We understand, now you can download complete inbondage movies. These files are ready to play with standard DVD playing software. If your computer has a DVD player you are ready to go. If not you will need to purchase a DVD playing software package. Read this for instructions.

    Due to the size of these files, some are over 2 gig, we recommend that you do not attempt these downloads unless you have a high speed internet connection. Trying to download these files with a dial up modem will only result in you losing your connection during the long download.

So if you are ready, click the box next to the movie you want, go to the bottom of the page and hit CHECK OUT. The rest is magic.

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Bondage Punishment $19.95 60 minutes

Ultimate Hogties $39.95 135 minutes

Bondage Terror $19.95 60 minutes

Vicky's First Time $19.95 60 minutes

Bondage Distress $19.95 60 minutes

Courtney's Innocence $19.95 60 minutes

Kidnapped Katie $19.95 60 minutes

Lisa's Agony $19.95 60 minutes

Blonde Anguish vol 1 $19.95 60 minutes

Bondage Treatment $29.95 60 minutes

Best Of 2002 $29.95 60 minutes

More movies coming so check back often



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Due to the nature of digital downloads there can be no refund. If you experience problems with your download contact us at the above email address for assistance.

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