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    202 images just uploaded. Thought we needed to get caught up a bit.. This update should get you up to speed.. I know you know archway to Monica. Monica is a long time friend of inbondage and has send you some great samples of her work. Make sure you check out her site. Photos sets this week include Harley, Kira, Violet Stone, Lioness... Yes I did say Lioness.. Indy is back as well as Foxy, Julie Simone and Barbara. As well as a couple of other sets. There ya have it... So jump in, we are still only $11.95.. such as deal..

    I don't know which of these bound and gagged women I like the best.. Certainly you could make a case for the look ya get when you gag Jamie. Or of course the innocent sexy look you get when Foxy is bound and gagged. A case can be made for Violet Stones look at sheer agony when she is bound and gagged. Then again, Connie is pretty fucken hot if you ask me. To hell with favorites. I think I'll have a different one each day..

    Like our new format? We are doing feature spots from the best bondage sites on the internet. Included this week we have DGBondage, Sandrasilvers and Bound by Bhowani. Stay connected for other great features coming your way shortly.

    Here are samples of Trussed Up, Rope Marks and Restrained Elegance. As well as original inbondage photos of Indy and Ruby.. Welcome back fellow bondage lovers. We got an update you are gonna LOVE.

    Over 180 photos just uploaded to the members pages. New photos from Foxy, Mariah, Ruby, Zara, Passion, Harley and Nikki.. As well as a guest gallery from our friends at Here's a sample photo from this cool site from England.

    This week we have new galleries from Mariah, Stark, Violet Stone and Jamie. Most ballgagged all of them very uncomfortable.

    Nikki is suspended, Vicky is bound to a post, Connie is barefoot and hogtied and there's even a photo collection of a Sexpot.. What more can you ask for in an update.

    There are over 100 new photos now uploaded to the member area. Here are a few samples. Jamie is Black and Bound. Nikki is Chair Tied, Foxy is... well, sexy of course... Plus Indy, Connie and more.. Don't miss em..

    Here's another couple of sets from the Foxy and Passion series. If you are a barefoot bondage lover it doesn't get any better then this... Enjoy

    We are gonna start featuring weekly guest galleries. If you are a webmaster and want your material shown here to the inbondage viewership please contact me for details. This week we are gonna start things off with a selection from a site called Students Bound. Can you guess what their theme is? :-) Check them out.. We love them.

    Harley is back this week in a very nice over the head tie. Look at the gag. She LOVES being gagged.. NOT. Get her set inside now.

    From Russia with love. Here's another Kira Hogtied update. Get her set inside now.

    No love bondage here. We treated Ko Ko like the whore she is. Bound and gagged whore that is.

    Ruby Louise was the youngest of the 3 models we shot that day. Why did she look the best? I know, she's a natural at getting tied up and gagged. Don't ya think.

    Ashley came to us some time in 2003. Check out her classic photos in the members vault pages.

    Foxy is so cute we left her hogtied all afternoon.

    We have so many awesome photo sessions in the members vault section I sometimes forget what's there. Here's an example of one such series. It's Dolly, and she is just about as sexy as they come when bound and gagged. There are over 400 of these photos waiting for you.

    Mariah Lynn has expressions you just won't believe. Check out this photo as a sample of what I'm talking about.

    Nikki didn't like this one bit. We loved shutting her up with this nice black ball.

    The Housekeeper series was one of my personal favorites. It wasn't because she was the best looking model we ever worked with.... It was because of the realism she put into her work. Maybe it was real looking because it really was real. :-)

    Are you ready for the mother of all bondage photos series? Well the wait is over. We just posted over 900 bondage photos from my favorite bondage model, Victoria Del Reya. That is correct, there are over 900 photos in this inbondage exclusive. Any series bondage lover will have to have this collection. Now you can get it.

    A new face to the bondage scene for sure, but I think you are gonna be seeing much much more of this beauty. Her name is Eva and we got her Hogtied all for you.

    If you want higher resolution clips then check out our pay per clip section. Recorded at a whopping 750 kbs!!! These clips can be played at full screen resolutions!! You won't find quality like this anywhere else. Especially for the price of our membership.   

    We are happy to announce that we added a new service to our product lineup. Now instead of ordering a DVD and waiting for the mailman to deliver it you can instantly download it instead. Save on shipping and get your bondage fix immediately. Our biggest sellers are now on-line but we will be adding all of our titles shortly. These files are full versions of our DVD's. If you are only interested in a certain clip you can still download just that clip from our Digital Download section. That service will remain unchanged.

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