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     "I would like to compliment you on your outstanding website. I surf the net for bondage weekly and Inbondage is always my first stop. The Tartan Terror is one of my favorites and he's only on your site. I also enjoy the Bondage Erotica pages that you put up for us. I think that Inbondage is one of the BEST sites that I have ever visited. It's content is outstanding and it's easy to navigate through the Archives of old photographs (another feature that no other site has). The membership is well worth it since I always come to Inbondage first. At this time I'm not really sure what membership I have but I would like to convert it to the yearly membership with the three extra months free for $89.95. Thanks for your help and please keep up the outstanding work."

     "What a pleasant surprise, I am not too familiar with the paypal system. I was beginning to think I had been scammed. I usually use online electronic checking. The nice thing about being a pessimist is that when things do go right it always a nice surprise. I have been a fan of inbondage for almost four years, I am looking forward to another four years as a member. Keep up the good work."
      "Wow! What a great site ... I've been a member for a  couple of months now, and I'm amazed at the quality of  the photos, the beauty of the models, and the  selection. Every week you surprise me with something new. I'd like to convert my membership from 11.95 per month to the yearly membership with 3 months free, preferably before the special offer expires.  Please confirm that my account has been changed.  Keep
 up the good work"
     "I just want to give some feedback on your site. I believe this is one of the best, if not THE BEST site for content, presentation, maintenance and ease of use. You are obviously very concerned that your customers enjoy your site and you go out of your way to ensure we do. You are even willing to help a poor slob like me when I foul things up and most of all you keep a good attitude (you may swear at us in private but you keep that quiet). One of the points I mentioned above was maintenance your site does not seem to break in the ways others do or you are very quick to fix it, either way the site is a pleasure to navigate and of course the content helps a lot also. Just a few words from a person who has caused you much trouble for the short time he has been a member. My hat is off to you"
    "First off, you have a wonderful site! Keep up the great work!! ...... You rank in the top three bondage sites that I've considered to be the best of the best!! Stay with it. Thanks!!"
    "Just wanted to say that I am a brand new member at inbondage, and I wanted to let you know how awesome I think this site is.  I have only been a member since July 5, and I must say I am really impressed so far.  I agree with you wholeheartedly with you comments about the Lioness.....now there is a girl who was born for bondage.  (I am green with envy when I think about the fun you must have doing your job :) ). The archives are just awesome as well, and I don't remember when I have enjoyed enhancing my bondage pics collection with what you have available. Keep up the great work!"
    "I've been hearing lots of great things about your site! Also wanted to let you know I'm starting to feature others on my site and wanted to know if I could feature your work as well. I hope to hear from you soon. And let me know how many pix and the format as well.  xoxo"   Ashley Renee
    "I have been visiting your website Club-inbondage for a month now. I have seen lots of very good pictures, beautiful girls, and perfect bondage but a month is too short to see it all. I would like to continue my subscription to your website. Please note me for a subscription of 3 months with automatic renewals."
    "Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant idea of re-recording your bondage clips in an improved format. Excellent! I also appreciate that you must be on a super-fast server. I have DSL, which does not mean anything if the server is slow. Inbondage.com is one of the fastest sites I know."
    "I've been a member for a few weeks now and just wanted to take a minute to tell you  all how much I like your site! The only problem is that I find I'm falling in  love with all your  models! Ball gags are my favorite and at least 90% of your shots feature  them! I'm in  Heaven! I just want to tell  Blondie, Marilyn, The Redhead, Mary, Lea and all  the OTHER  models THANKS! for being so kind to share your kinky-ness in such a  free-spirited manner! Kinky is COOL because it's the ULTIMATE in freedom of  sexual expression!  Keep up the super job! I think I'll go and surf the Vault for a few hours!"
    "Dear Inbondage  I have only been viewing your site for about 10 min. and had to break away just to tell you what a great show you have, it is without a doubt the greatest site I have ever seen. How will I know when to renew my membership,will you let me know through e-mail?  Until then I must get back to some more great viewing. yours truly John" 
   "I took the tour and was very much impressed.  I decided to sign up for a 6 month period to give me a good chance to explore your site and new material.  I did see the summer special, so please give me two additional months for the 6 month access fee. If I like your site, can I upgrade my access to an annual subscription? How much would that be? I am impressed by the quality of your site, its organization, and your willingness to communicate with your members."
    "I am breathless at the quality of your site. There are so many aspects of it that show you not only love bondage but understand it as well. I enjoy the  fact that you rotate the pictures weekly.  If they were put in front of me all at once, I fear I would plow through them without being able to truly savor the quality. Your vision of the bound female as not only helpless but vulnerable and
sexual is refreshing. Too many bondage sites have bored models self onsciously feigning captivity.  Your selections suggest that the models are also participating in the experience. Although a member for only two weeks, I suspect I have finally found my home on the web."

I   " I'm just dropping you a line to tell you how much I've continued to enjoy your website; all the models are fantastic and the photos are great.  It's especially great to see more great photos of the beautiful Tonya, she is such a natural.  I was so glad to read that Tonya will be coming back for another session, I can't wait to see the photos.  Keep up the great work."

    Thanks for the new ID.   I didn't want to miss even one week because you are the BEST site on the web!   I've tried a few and they are nothing compared with yours.  Keep up the good work!

    "Hi frank  let me begin by saying that I have surfed the piss out of this thing we call the internet & you have by far the BEST damn site around!!   excellent material,  updated regularly,  &  the stuff you offer to visitors alone is way more than most paysites ever thought of giving,  & your model's.... DROOL :)   you are definitely the "MASTER" !!     keep up the great work!! "

    "I've been a member for a few months now, and I just wanted to say what a fantastic site you have created.  There are a ton of pay sites out there, but I felt yours was the one most worthy of my after-tax dollars."

    "Hi.  Now used your page for a few months and still thinking that it is the best bondage-site ever. Keep up the good work."

    "Thanks for the prompt reply to my membership and to the nice words of welcome!  All I can say is FANTASTIC!!  I was like a new kid in a candy store. You have a great site and I think you will have me around for a while. Also, thanks for the help on the zip files.   Some people forget that everyone is not a pro on all this new technology (Long way from the old HOM mags!)  Keep up the great work and again a big Texas thank you!"

    "As requested on the members page, I'm dropping you a line to say that I love the site and I'm definitely going to renew. I'll probably just do a month right now so I can save money for Leatherfest, but I don't intend to drop my membership anytime soon.  Keep up the good work!"

    "I've really enjoyed my first months membership! I think I my have been one of the first to become a member with you and I'm glad I did. I have two questions: 1.) Do you think you'll be able to keep the quality up and your site going (so many fold)? 2.) How do I extend my membership and what will the various options cost? I think my membership runs out fairly soon and I don't want to miss a week. Thanks for all the hard work."

    "Most of your "special features" (i.e. the ring-gag series, the agony series and the "new blonde" pictures) I like very much. Some of your specials are not so strong (i.e. the high-heels and the hogtied series). But don't mind, I am sure that there are a lot of guys out there who have a different point of view. The most important thing is that you continue being one of the best addresses in the net for bondage-enthusiasts."

    "So you said you wanted feedback: -Hogties and gags rule, keep it up! -I also liked the hands over head theme. -Asians don't especially turn me on (maybe it's because they look so young) I wouldn't miss those pics. -One thought I had was to get hold of some good bondage stories if you could - I have read some personal stories of chicks performing self-bondage that blew me away. -Other than that, like the club."

    "I must say I enjoy your site very much. As one who has had a life long interest in bondage, it's nice to find a source of images that is easy to use yet sophisticated in material. To answer one of your questions, yes, I would be VERY interested in avi's as long as they were from different sources. I would also like to encourage you to do more hogtie and barefoot (a real favorite of mine!) themed pages. Thanks very much for trying hard to do such a good job with your site. Keep it up and I'll be very pleased to move from being a monthly to being a yearly member."

    "I would like to compliment you on your excellent web site. I especially enjoyed the Women in Agony series and hope more are coming. I'd like to take this idea and suggest a Women in Ecstasy series-if at all possible, pix of bound women deep in the throes of an orgasm. Thanks very much."

    "Sign me up for another 6 months. use same credit card. Thanks"

    "Hello. I hope this email finds you all in good spirits. Great site, with great material, you do a fantastic job and it shows. Thank you for all of the work you put into it."

    "You have a great site -- easy to navigate, and regularly updated -- so sign me up for an additional 6 months!"

    "I may be a little slow but I'm not crazy. A site like Inbondage doing a feature on CritixxxCorner will do nothing less then help me draw traffic and legitimize my Bondage category. Just tell me what you want me to do and it'll be done."

    "Hi Frank -- so far I am enjoying my first months membership.  I don't expect to subscribe to many sites.  Your's maybe among the few.  Would you be kind enough to extend the special offer --1 years membership to when my membership expires in a couple of weeks.   I especially enjoyed the bedbound feature -- the emphasis on the feet and pussy were excellent."

    "Hi Frank Thanks for such a speedy reply I've just logged in for the first time and all I can say is it was worth every penny and worth the wait. Keep up the good work, my wife is a little more relaxed about the whole scene now, she realizes that we're not the only couple in the world who enjoy something different in our lives."

    "I just rejoined for $54.95.  Thanks for the free half year as a continuing member!  You have a fine site and I've really enjoyed it this past year."

    "Just mailed in a three months subscription.   Don't usually do paysites but it looks like you have come up with a well done production.  I'll give it a try anyway.  Looking forward to receiving pass word.  Keep up the good work!"

    "Hello Webmaster, I joined the member club for only 2 days and I already know: glad that I
found your site; my search is over "  :-)

"Thank you" to all those that send me feedback.

I appreciate it very much and Look forward to serving you in the future.

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